When the rejection becomes too much

March 15, 2009 at 2:54 PM | Posted in Publishing | 4 Comments
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Whether you’ve started your publishing journey, or you’re contemplating it, rejection is something we have to get used to. It would be amazing to get a contract from every agent we submit to, but of course, that’s not a realistic option. Not every agent is looking for what your novel has to offer, and not every agent has the time to sign a new author with a book the agent doesn’t love.

To me, this is a hard, but very rewarding quest. I don’t think I’ll ever be prouder than the moment I can walk into a book store and say to a random person, “that’s my book, right there.” I might take that back when I have kids, though! And that’s why I put up with the rejection, with the heartbreak, and the dejection.

What this blog post is for, is to talk about why we take the rejection and why we keep pressing on. I get that rejection, I take note of it, I move on to another agent. There are days when I feel as if it’ll never happen for me, that my writing just isn’t good enough. Those days are harder to get past, but I’m not going to give up. Not now, not ever. Because this was what I was born to do. Someone out there is going to love my work enough to take me on. And when that day comes, it’ll be because of you guys. Because you were there when I needed to vent frustrations. You empthasized with my frustrations and emotional pain. And you gave me words of encouragement to push me back in the publishing journey.

So to all of you, and I think you know who you are, thank you. And I think I speak for all of us when I say that it really helps to have writing friends when it comes to our quest for publication. Because a rejection shared, is a rejection halfed!




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  1. Hang in there, Chanelley <3 I’m glad I have people around me going through the submission – and rejection – process. I feel like I’m ready for it, like I have a good handle on how many rejections I’m going to get, how I shouldn’t let it affect me… but then again, who ever is, really? I guess you have to look at like a (stressful, harrowing) voyage, and rejection is just one part of the trip that everyone faces.

  2. Wonderful post, Chan!

  3. Aww Chan :) Hang in there. You WILL be published. I’ll be on that journey with you very soon.

    And when we’re all published authors we’ll look back on these days and smile.

  4. I hate rejection! When rejection comes one needs ice cream and a good book… if reading that book does not make you bitter. Maybe we need bad books. Then we can say “Hey, look, this one got published so will mine!”

    It is possibly a good idea. :D

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