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  1. Cool post :) I can’t wait to send my stuff out to betas (*cough* kristin *cough*). I know what you mean about the honesty thing. I actually have a lot of trouble critiquing other people’s writing without coming off as a truly cruel biatch, haha. I’ll develop some tact someday. For now, I’d remind all writers, especially the emotional young ones, that harsh crits are not an attack on you the writer. The beta is just trying their best to help – so if you’re scared to get one for fear of harshness, don’t be.
    Oh, I’m also an incredibly lazy, procrastinating beta. Basically, don’t send stuff to me, even if I beg you for it.

    • YAY! I iz going to beta Em’s amazing book! *happy dance* :P

  2. This is great, HR. It is SO SO SO informative, and I can assure you that I’ll be referring to this when I get to the stage where I need beta readers.

    How do you know so much? :D

    • I’ve been betaing for a while and I’ve talked to other betas. :)

  3. I’ll be needing betas soon and this post came at the perfect time! YAY!

  4. Awesome, informative post, Rach!

  5. Nice post! A lot of useful information in here, like Meta said, I’ll definitely be referring back!

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