Reading Mania

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I love writing – just wanted to get that out there. I also love doing crafts and cooking, but my dream is to write a novel; it’s an obsession of mine. And I probably would write a novel – if I could just put down a book long enough to write my own.

My biggest obsession is reading – I can’t get enough of it. I gobble books down like crazy. It’s somewhat of an addiction for me. I could cuddle up with a book all day, forgetting to eat, drink, do my chores – even write!

We have a problem. I try to stay in reality and prioritize – but there’s always some fantasy realm calling me, distracting me from my own work, encouraging me to drop everything and lose myself in the pages of a great story. I resist – for a time, anyway, but eventually I cave. In fact, I’m about to give in to the urge right now (better write fast!).

So I’m asking for advice; does anyone else have this problem? Know how to cure my serious case of reading mania?




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  1. I love reading, too. My dream/obsession is also to write a novel.

    So there would be a possibilty that I’d have the same problem as you. But I don’t. Fortunately for me.

    Actually, since I’ve started writing this novel, I’ve probably only read about a tenth of the amount I usually do – one book a fortnight instead of one every two days. I miss it, but I write for the same reason as I read: by writing I’m still getting my fix of living someone else’s life.

    My suggestion for you would be to use reading as a “reward”. When you’ve written 500 words, for example, you could allow yourself to read 50 pages. Or something. That way, you’ll write because you want to be able to read. Does that make sense?

    • Good strategy, Meta. I’ve never tried that before. Sounds vaguely torturous. :P

      Thanks for the suggestion!

      • More than vaguely torturous :D:D

  2. I love reading too – in fact, I used to read all the time! And when I had big tests and stuff, I’d literally have to hide my books so I wouldn’t be tempted to read. ;) But then – high school happened. And I was just so busy all the time, and then of course the required reading for English class wasn’t always great. So… idk, just naturally I sort of slowed down.

    But then – I started Lucid Conspiracy, my YA book blog, and getting books in the mail and stuf… well, I’ve started reading-reading again. ;)

  3. I have no advice to give.

    I just cave in and read.

    Not only do I stop writing to read, but I will decide not to make dinner (to the dismay of my family) or even decide not to do stuff for school (to the dismay of my professors).

    It is a disease Kat and there is no cure.

  4. Thanks Meta, I’ll try that…I agree with kiaooh though -sounds torturous! ^___^

  5. I think it’s safe to say that all writers are readers. We love to read and that’s a good thing. I do exactly what Metaphor23 does. When I’m in Writing Mode–particularly during Deadline Hell–I don’t read ANYTHING. I think it interferes with my writing, and there’s more potential for me to subconsciously put something into my book because I read it from somewhere else and liked it.

    I’m addicted to adult romance books. Particularly the Harlequin Blaze series. Six new stories out every month and you can find me at BN or Bookstar, picking them up. If I’m in Writing Mode or Deadline Hell, I set these books aside until I’ve reached a goal. Then I set my work aside, relax and read for a few days before going back to edit.

    It seems like torture, but it works. It gives you something to look forward to

    • I do the same thing, and yeah, it’s hard. But it’s also a great reward. Like being on a diet, and after you’ve lost those two or three pounds, you go and feast on chocolate. :D

  6. Ha! I don’t read enough!
    But when I do find something I don’t want to put down, I don’t. I keep going and going till the end, and my only regret is the sleep I lose.
    If I had a serious disease of it, though, I think it’d be different. As it is I cherish every moment I can enjoy reading, and don’t feel guilty in the least, except for rushing through a book and then having nothing.
    For example, last night I read The Hunger Games from about six or seven PM to one in the morning. >.< It was sick. I forgot I could do that.

  7. I’m same as Ciera, I don’t really read loads, one book a week or so, but I read like 3 books at a time so it takes longer.
    But when I’m addicted? Ooh…my family get annoyed for one thing, and I end up with neckache and lack of sleep.
    I love writing more than reading, because I can ALWAYS lose myself in writing, but not every book I read I like.
    My advice is to really try to plan out your story so you lose yourself in it. Hide all books and read like mad when you’ve finished your deadline.

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