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Yeah, so I signed up to do an article today for the blog about, oh a week ago. Then one by one I got to see the topics I was gonna do get snatched up by everyone before me. Thanks guys.

So I picked a topic no one else has done. You get a schedule of my average day. Yes, joy for all, please close the window now and forget about this forever.

Why are you still here? Shoo!

Fine, here we go. The Average Day of the Non-Average Student. I am required by state law to inform you that this may or may not be exaggerated, that it shouldn’t be ingested orally, and to not view this post while operating heavy machinery.

9:00 AM — I woke up to the alarm and promptly backhanded my clock off the nightstand and onto the cat before going to sleep again.

9:15 AM — It occurs to me that I had forgotten to turn off the alarm when it starts beeping incessantly. I grope for it and turn it off before getting up and turning on the computer.

12:00 PM — After several productive hours of World of Warcraft where I stood around Ironforge and did nothing, I put my computer on standby and head out to the local bowling alley on my trusty, squeaks-when-I-pedal, loses-air-faster-than-a-Scientologist-confronted-with-Anonymous, stuck-in-the-fifth-gear, bike.

2:00 PM — I return home with thoroughly sore fingers and legs. The first because I picked a bowling ball with tight enough fingerholes to drag me along for the ride when I threw it. The second because the wind had changed direction from two hours ago and was now gusting Hurricane Andrew in my face all the way home.

2:01 PM — I suddenly remember I hadn’t closed the garage when I came home and begin a half-hour chase of the empty trash can as the wind laughs.

5:00 PM — After several hours of surfing the Internet and Warcraft I head off to Biology. My dad informs the family how it was nice knowing them as I take the keys.

6:00 PM — After determining that I had aced the exam today until proven otherwise, I head off to the computer lab and proceed to surf the Internet more, ignoring the fact that I have a saloon to make in Maya. I did find the recipe for Panda Express orange chicken though, so it wasn’t a total loss.

9:00 PM — Computer lab closes.

9:10 PM — Lab attendees finally succeed in kicking me out after cutting the power then waiting five minutes before I realize my clicking isn’t doing anything.

9:20 PM — Commence more surfage of the Internet. Writing? Pfft, yeah right. I’ve got forums to post on, no time to waste!

10:00 PM — Boredom sets in. Pick up PEGASUS IN FLIGHT by Anne McCafferey and begin reading.

12:00 AM — Quickly read all the webcomics that updated before returning to my spot on the bed, annexed from the cat, with my book.

3:00 AM — Wake up and realize that the light is still on since I fell asleep with my face in the book and an insistent cat who wants the door opened so she can go wander. Open the door, turn out the light, and go to bed. Another busy day ahead of me tomorrow.

~Robert (aka Islaitha Frost)



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  1. hkl.
    I left the garbage can out last week, too. :c It ran away. May dad found it and yelled at me.

  2. LOL. oh, the life of a (sometimes)writer. I’m with you, Frost.
    psst… just so everyone knows, when this dude does write, it’s awesome. the internet steals his genius, is all. like it does mine. cough cough sadness

    • Internet eats brains.

      It’s a proven fact.

      It goes OM NOM NOM and suddenly the brains are gone.

      • No, it’s true, though. I get on and after five or ten minutes my brain has turned to mush. I can’t do homework or write… it’s just mush. You know? Worse than after a full half hour of TV. I think it has something to do with the instant gratification thing, and the fact that writing is really slow and really hard. haha.

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