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Acne. Yes, really.

(This post applies to all teens, not just teen writers, but if you look at how much we have on our plates as it is, with y’know, writing and all, we really don’t need acne on top of it.)

The calling card of teenagerdom, the in-your-face (pun only mildly intended) reminder of puberty, and above all, a constant example of how powerless we adolescents are. It’s not enough that our parents have the authority for unreasonable expectations on us, which we can only scoff quietly at while obeying. It’s not frustrating enough that silly little men and women in cushy chairs in a classroom can dictate our future however reasonably or harshly they see fit. It’s not enough that everything in our lives is changing, always changing without our permission and without offering us the slightest chance to stop it. No, there’s still that final slap-in-the-face-with-a-dead-fish we call acne.

Do you know what a blackhead is? It’s a pore juuuuust wide enough for dirt, dead skin, and grease to accumulate in. That makes it sound like we teenagers are wallowing around on the floor of McDonalds and never bathing. While that may be true of some of us, believe it or not teenagers are capable of being quite clean. But no matter what we scour our face with, the disgusting little clogs of dirt/grease/skin still build up! In the most impossible little nooks and crannies of the face, too. How on earth are you supposed to pop something that hides right in the shadow of your nose? They’re smart, and they’re vengeful. You dig one out triumphantly like a weed yanked from your garden, and not only do offenders spring up tenfold, but you may be left with an ugly little welt because, in reality, you had to hurt your poor face to exterminate one of the little buggers.

That’s blackheads. But what about pimples? Certainly, you can pop them. When they’re good and ready to be popped, that is. And again, you’re usually left with an ugly red mark that can re-infect and come back as a bigger, badder zit, or simply take absolutely forever to heal. A pimple is much more visible than a blackhead, much more uncomfortable (they can be itchy and downright painful at times) and I’m sure you all know how hard it can be to NOT pick at them constantly. A bleeding forehead in the middle of class isn’t exactly desirable, and yet we (at least, I) cannot leave the bastards alone. Oh, can I say bastards on a blog?

So, you may be curious as to why I just educated you on The Enemy. You likely already knew all of this, plus several dozen home remedies that sort-of-do-sort-of-don’t work. But I want it known that acne is to be taken seriously. It is not some silly cosmetic concern, it is a cruel condition that we must keep an eye on, lest it Eat Away At Our Lives Altogether. It has serious effects on the psyche of a teen, and so, to all those who tell us, “stop whining and go wash your face.”, I say “bah!”

Let this be worldwide Acne Awareness Day. And in honour of the occasion, and of all those who bravely battle this condition every single day, I have written a tanka.

Be gone from my face

Ye plague of misleading grease!

Torment of the soul

Marker of innocent young

We’ll not surrender our skin!

I’d be absolutely chuffed to see your own acne-poems in the comments section, folks! ^.^



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  1. I have a severe, intense dislike for acne.

    That is all.

  2. My friends, they complain
    But I laugh because I am
    The acneless bitch.

    (Don’t worry, I’ll get it when I’m older, if my clone of a sister is any warning. yesss.)

  3. I second that kiaooh. I get the red buggers every few days. And can’t stop picking at them. I tried putting foundation them. Only works for about an hour.

  4. I get them in some sort of weird monthly cycle. I’m not sure if it’s even related to my period at all, or if it’s to do with the latest survivor episodes (which I’ve never ever watched) or something else equally random and cyclical. Right now my face is actually pretty gorgeous. Not for long, I’m sure. Thanks for hte poem, Peach!

    • I slather on cleanser all the time, and it usually clears up in a few weeks. Then, BAM, period, and it starts all over again. fml.

  5. You know, the lemon juice actually works.

    Or so my mom says. I have no major acne problems myself though, so I’ll go away now.

    *is left out again*

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