Is This Okay for YA?

April 3, 2009 at 2:31 PM | Posted in YA | 3 Comments
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The only hardcore difference between Young Adult fiction and Adult fiction is the age of the characters.

No, really.

It’s been said before and I’m absolutely positive it’ll be said again, but I’m saying it now anyways:

We are not sissies. We can (and do) read books with violence.  We can (and do) read books with swearing.  We can (and do) read books with sex.

That’s not to say that every teen wants to read a book with violence, swearing and sex, but they ARE allowed.  Honest.  You won’t go to hell for writing a book for teenagers that involves violence, swearing and sex.  You won’t.

If it happens to teens in the real world, it can happen to teens in your book.


<3, Terri



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  1. Hear, hear!
    This should be at the top of the New Thread page for everyone trying to make a new thread in YA on AW.

    • There is a thread like this at the top of the YA section. xD Shady’s Edgy YA thread is stickied. Maybe it should be in all caps and bright red font or something, ’cause everyone seems to keep missing it.

  2. It should be in all caps. haha.

    To add to violence, sex, and swearing: suicide, self-injury, homo/bi/trans/anythingsexuality, terrorism (!), teacher-student relationships (!), incest (!!), abortion (!!), oh my god what is this world coming to?!?

    non-sugar coated, realistic literature, that’s what. :D

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