Majority vs Minority writing trends

April 12, 2009 at 5:02 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Everyone has different methods of thinking up ideas. Usually, I think of something – probably while in bed – and then I HAVE to do it. It won’t leave me alone. However, there are also writers who write to a trend. For example, if werewolves are big, write a werewolf story. Vampires, faeries, high school dramas. It’s assumed that writing what the trend is will make your book popular or get you an agent. Let’s look at the pros and cons of trend writing.

Trend writing


  • You know that what your story is about is popular.
  • You can put a new spin on an old idea and you know people will love it.
  • Agents are taking on more and more of this trend.
  • Your story genre takes up the majority of the best sellers list.
  • More sales = more money for you and your publisher. This means they’ll pick up your next book deal.


  • Every trend dies out some time and then becomes the dreaded ‘cliche’.
  • This years trend was written sometimes two years ago. When you write your book, it may not be the trend in two years time.
  • Agents lists get pretty full with many people writing those trends. They start searching for fresher things.
  • Your book has to live up to the standards set by every other book in that genre.
  • Your work still has to be original to stand out.

Though, this isn’t to say you can go and write  a book so original no one understands what the heck is going on. You can be original and write what YOU want to write, not what you think the public will read. With enough platform and marketing, people should want to read your book anyway. If you love reading what the current trend is – by all means, write away. If you can’t stand the sudden trends, you don’t need to succumb to it in hopes of becoming the next best seller. Have faith in your work that it’ll speak for itself. Just don’t forget to keep what readers want in mind for certain aspects – such as romance, sexual tension, adventure, plot, character development.

So, how do you guys write? To the trends? Against the trends? Or whatever takes your fancy?

~ Chanelle


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  1. I just write whatever takes my fancy. For example, there is a huge vampire trend right now. BUT because the vampire market is so full, there are agents that are specifically saying “don’t query vampire novels”. And unless you’re some sort of psychic and you know what the trend will be in two years, the likelihood of guessing the trend correctly must be very long.

  2. It seems like most trend subjects lie in the SF/F realm, which I don’t write. But still, my view is: 1. write whatever the heck I want to write, 2. but stay away from the ultrapopular subjects/plot points/concepts. Originality is big thing for me, so if there’s another non-trendy subject I think I could enjoy writing about equally as much, I’ll probably go with that one.

  3. I have to slap myself every time I start thinking about what’s “marketable” or not. Because even if I wrote a vampire book or a “paranormal romance,” it would suck because I don’t like those kind of books. Trends = bad idea. Do not follow them. Write what you love.

  4. Great article!!! IMO, if what you want to write about happens to be a popular subject, don’t shy away from it JUST because it’s ‘trendy.’ True, trendy has a negative connotation to it because it implies unoriginality. But if the idea is original to you, you don’t have to worry about being considered ‘trendy’ because you have the ability to put your very own and very unique spin on whatever you write. If your trendy idea comes out tasting like every other book, it’s not the trendy aspect that you need to worry about.

    I just completed a new post on my blog about the importance of outlining, and I would love the girls’ feedback. Thanks for another amazing post on your end!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

    -Amy, aka Electric Violet from AW

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