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Today I want to talk about Ravensworth. And as random as that may sound right now, rest assured that it is about writing! Because it isn’t some mysterious old mansion in the moors. And it isn’t the site of any grisly murders. What it is is a great resource for writers, created by a good friend of mine who most often goes under the user name of AbsentNormality (at AbsoluteWrite and her excellent blog).

The Ravensworth forums are a place for writers to go and play their characters. And yes, I mean their characters, not themselves. You can put your character into many different area forums, from the Realm of Avalon to the Chocolate Beans Café. Don’t see an area that fits for you? You can just request a new area!

Why is a place like this such a great resource? Try remembering the last book you read. What was the character like? Think about that. Now, think about how terrible the book would have been if that character had been badly written. Some authors create character profiles or answer a whole list of questions the way they feel their characters would answer them. But if you could put your characters into actual conversation, you could work on developing them in a way that would far surpass a profile. You could work on how they speak and how they interact with others, for one. There is also an option to create your character and have it “critiqued” by fellow users.

Now, I admit I might be biased when it comes to Ravensworth. I know its creator well and if you stop by you’ll notice that I’m a moderator there. But I encourage you to check it out for yourself and see what an amazing place it can become with the host of different characters that are out there in our WIPs.


I encourage you to go check it out!


Edit: You should read the comment on this post mentioning another roleplaying website. It is a good place to look around in if you want to know how to use such a site!

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  1. Haha, Race, you beat me to it! I was actually planning on creating a forum just like Ravensworth specifically for character development–roleplaying is what taught me to write, anyways. I love how free this is–there’s no canon you have to stick to. You can play with whatever characters need tinkering without needing a ‘zoo pen’ or any other sort of consistent characters.

    I’m so loving this idea.

    For those of you who are curious, this is the site I roleplayed on until recently: http://www.landsofevelon.com/forums. It has a great community of beginner writers, as well as a few fantastically skilled ones. It’s a great place to learn the ins and outs of character development.

    /my two cents

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