The Editing Process

May 18, 2009 at 8:35 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

With Andra being pulled from submission, I now have two novels in editing. Not including Black Diamond which is on the shelf for possible rewrite.

So how does the editing process go? You’ve finally accomplished your dream after hours of pouring your sweat, blood, and tears into a story. “The End” sits at the very bottom of the page. So what comes next?

Some people give the finished manuscript a rest. I, on the other hand, like to jump into editing the same week, sometimes even the same day. Not sure why.

After the rest, everyone has their own editing process. I’m trying to establish my own. With Andra, it was everywhere. I ran it through an edit, betaed, two more edits, more betas, another edit, another beta, submitted, another edit with critique group…it was just a mess.

Here are three things I normally associate with the editing process:

Rewrite: Mostly this is done when a story needs a complete overhaul. Sometimes it’s just a chapter that is rewritten so it makes more sense, or to change a major plot point.

Revision: A read-through for grammar and spelling mistakes, plot holes, character problems, unrealistic dialogue, and all the other things that go along with an early draft. I do a lot of these.

Betas: Someone to read over your story and offer comments. See my post on beta readers for more information.

So what’s your editing process? Do you have a set number of edits that you perform before sending to betas or agents?

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  1. Hmm… my editing process is basically whatever works for that particular novel. If I feel that it isn’t ready, I’ll revise. If I feel it is the worse thing I’ve ever written, I rewrite. Usually I do both. :D And then what I call a “minor” edit… grammar and “oh, that doesn’t sound good” stuff. And then betas.

    But, like I said before, it varies from novel to novel.

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