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May 26, 2009 at 5:29 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

So today I was just randomly on the trampoline at home to get some much needed exercise (because I tend to lay it off too much with writing). Something occured to me as I was just bouncing and thinking about new ideas.

What was that thing?

Well, it came in a range of ways, but the first thing I thought about was what I was actually doing (the exercise, not the bouncing, lol). I knew at that very moment when I was grasping for a session of writing, but laying it off for exercise that I really didn’t want to do, that writers are actually…how do I put it? Well, to say it simply:really nice, flexible people.

Now, first reading that you may be thinking what the hell?! I’m not flexible! but if you read on, you may grasp my meaning.

If you think about it, most writers procrastinate at some point. Some of us know it as our worst quality and some only do it occasionally, but all in all, everyone has days when they think you know what? I could do this all day…(linking to writing, of course), and some which are completely the opposite.  However, there are days when you feel like you could write all the time when something oh so frustrating crops up that you just can’t avoid.

This links back to my point about exercise. Those days when you could (and a lot of the time, I do) sit and write on your laptop all day, you remember you need exercise, but then we know we need it and feel bad about it if we ignore our health. I think this makes us writers very…caring. Sensitive, maybe.

Another example is friends. We all have friends, whether they be relationships, school mates or even family, and there are those moments when you think oh no, I’ve got to go out later, but I want to write! but you go out with your mates because you care!

Which, again, links back to point about writers being nice, caring people. We sometimes wish we could write or push through an edit or wait for query responses all day long, but we often have to put them aside for things.

Because we care!

So, in my opinion, when your friends or family say something snarky like oh I wish you’d stop writing for a change and do something with me!, then you can hold your head high and say I’m not antisocial. I did____ with you instead of writing/editing/whatever.

Thanks for reading!

By It’s-Magic! – AKA Rebecca E


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