Finding your ‘Genre’

June 24, 2009 at 9:49 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

There are so many opportunities to write the genre you love. Countless genres. Sci-fi, contemporary, historical, romance, fantasy, paranormal, criminal, psychological, the list goes on and on. And, you know what? I’m sure everyone, everyone, in the world has a genre. Mine is science fiction and fantasy. I’ve always been drawn to the extraordinary. The very thought of other planets or worlds out there is just… fascinating. Yes, that is the perfect word: fascinating. But, hey, that’s just me.

Each person has their own little itsy-bitsy sub-genre they absolutely love. For instance, my dream sub-genre is a crossover of sci-fi/fantasy. Like, the world is actually split into two parts: magical and not magical. But we are unaware of it. That is not just a sub-genre, it’s a plot. They’re all inter-twined with each other. A genre becomes a sub-genre, a sub-genre becomes an idea, an idea becomes a plot, and a plot becomes a novel, and a novel becomes a bestseller!

I think I’m confusing people. What I’m saying is that everyone is born with an opportunity to write something. I think God (yes, I am a Christian) put us on the Earth with that gift. To tell a story that really draws people in. The only problem with that is finding that story.

You may ask, youngling, how do you find your genre? Simple, really. Look around you. Find something that really draws you in. Like, for me it was the movie ‘Cloverfield’. That got me on my journey as a writer. It looked like a sweet movie, I went to go see it, and now I’ve written one novel and another is in the works. All you have to do is find your story. Keep that in mind.




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  1. It is funny, because I don’t like to read the same kind of books that I write. Finding my genre was a very long process of trial and error that I have, hopefully, finished. :D And that genre is definitely a sub-genre. Especially since YA is still kind-of considered a genre in itself, and my story has elements from at least two others.

  2. I like contemporary YA involving unlikely or unusual situations the best, and that’s what I write. :) In middle school, I was in love with sugary school-centered books (a la Meg Cabot), and I guess that sort of evolved into something a little darker and out-there as I got older. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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