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I am very excited today. I have the author of the Divine trilogy, the Goddess summoning books, and the House of Night series here. Guess who? Why P.C. Cast of course!

TWFT: Have you always been into reading and writing? (Did you write and read stories and books much as a teenager?) If so, what sort of things did you read and write?

PCC: I’ve been reading all different genres and writing for as long as I can remember.  I wrote my first book in first grade: BLUBBY THE BLUE WHALE.  It hasn’t been published.  Yet.

TWFT: What do you like most about being an author (Creating characters/settings or the tours etc…) and why?

PCC: I write books I’d like to read, so I guess my favorite part is creating the stories.

TWFT: What sort of things influence you into naming settings and characters from your books as they are named? (Do you use name meanings? Etc…)

PCC: Real life and research influence my settings.  Sometimes my characters’ names have meanings, but not always.  I think worrying about looking up every single name for every single character and being sure it’s oh-so-perfect is just another way inexperienced writers procrastinate and end up not writing at all.  I worked through that about twenty books ago.

TWFT: Who is your favourite fictional character (it doesn’t have to be from your books) and why?

PCC: Shannon Parker, the heroine of my DIVINE series (DIVINE BY MISTAKE, DIVINE BY CHOICE, and DIVINE BY BLOOD – all three will be reissued by LUNA exclusively for Borders beginning this August) because I identify with her so closely.

TWFT: What is your favourite quote from the whole of the House of Night series?

PCC: My current favorite quote comes from TEMPTED, so I can’t copy it here without giving away part of the plot, but I can tell you to look out for a piece of dialogue between Zoey and Aphrodite that mentions a “stage five clinger.”

TWFT: And finally, what is your favorite flavor jellybean?

PCC: As to jelly beans – I hate them.  Yuck.

Thank you for the interview, P.C.! Look out for P.C. and Kristin Cast’s sixth House of Night novel, Tempted, coming out later this year, the Divine trilogy (of which the first one comes out September) and maybe even Blubby!

But there’s something else I wish to add to this post, which is an idea Blubby provoked.

Have you got any little tales you wrote as a 1-8 year old? Ones that are so cute or embarrasing? We should do a page especially for them!  Not only would we be able to see how much our writing has improved, but we’d have a laugh during the process! we could even put a snippet from “Then” and one from “Now” to compare them.



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  1. Awesome interview Becky and that’s a great idea! :D I had little short stories that I wrote about cats. Problem is I lost them years ago. I’ve been looking for them ever since, but I think they got misplaced during a move or packed away somewhere.

  2. Great interview Becky!

    I used to write loads back then, but the problem is that I was too young to be typing them out and the handwritten versions got lost long ago :( Such a shame, I bet they’d be funny now!

    Becky (the other one!) x

  3. I think i have one, or alternatively i can find them. I’m sure they will be errr interesting :P

  4. My first story was called Felicia (or Felicity… can’t remember) the Missing Pony. I wrote it in kindergarten and wanted to sell copies off the front lawn lemonade-stand style, but the parents disapproved.

    Nice interview, Mag. c:

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