Half Blood Prince Review

July 15, 2009 at 6:27 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

The long awaited next installment of the Harry Potter series was released at midnight last night. Chanelle and I were two of the lucky ones that have already seen it. So we decided to write up a little review. As I already promised, there are no spoilers.

Rachael’s review:

If you want spoilers go check out my blog. I thoroughly spoil the movie there.
I have one word for HBP: Amazing! Okay, that’s it… I’m just kidding. The movie was very good, if you’re willing to disregard its faults. There are a few major ones and I think it will be interesting to see exactly how they fill those holes in the next movie.
In regards to the acting, Tom Felton and Alan Rickman are amazing. So are Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint (him especially, if you’ve seen the clips you’ll know what I’m talking about). But Tom plays Draco so well!
The special effects were very good and realistic looking. Especially the ones towards the end.
I gave it a 9/10 and my mom gave it a 5/10 (she puts a lot more stock in the books than I do anymore. I’ve learned to separate my love for the book from my expectations of the movie.) I’m already trying to get someone to take me to see it again next week. Because I refuse to wait until it comes out on DVD.

Chanelle’s review:
I had high hopes for this movie. I’ll be the first to admit that I looked for clips and watched all the trailers. And I loved what I saw. I will also admit that it’s been a while since I read HBP so I’m not really as clued up as others with what the film missed. Though, reading others reviews, seems like they missed quite a bit that sets up the last film. But ignoring that, taking the movie as it is, this film has to be one of the best of the year. There’s laughs, tears, doubt, and you find yourself rooting for the characters as always. Even my brother who isn’t very emotionally attached to fictional characters was sad at the end. The graphics were amazing as always, and the acting from the normal trio, plus others, was stunning. Loved Harry after he’d taken liquid luck. Look out for that part. Even the added scenes I enjoyed, though the scene at Christmas seemed a little pointless to me. But that’s just my opinion. I’ll definitely watch it again and I think it’s probably the best out of the bunch so far!


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  1. Rachael – As someone who puts a great deal of stock in the book and normally does not like changes made (especially in terms of characters and plot points) I did not expect to enjoy this movie very much. Instead, I thought it was great. I’d give it a 9 out of 10, no question. I definitely concur with your review.

  2. Chanelle: I don’t read the HP books, but I do enjoy the films. So a spoiler alert regarding the Dumbledore info would’ve been nice.

  3. Ouch – I’m sorry! I forget pepole haven’t read the book. I’ll change it now!

    • I forgot some people hadn’t read the books, too. I was at a midnight showing and two girls were stunned by the ending. I’d assumed the only people at a midnight showing would be the crazed HP fans. Apparently, I was wrong.

  4. p.s. If that sounded “claws out,” I didn’t mean it to. Loooooong day at work :)

  5. Tom Felton did SUCH AN AMAZING JOB. I almost cried. I was sad about a few of the things they left out, but still – I think this was definitely the best movie yet.

  6. I totally agree with you, Red. The way his voice cracked when he said “I have to do this” – SWOON. haha.

    I’ve read a lot of reviews from fans and it seems tons of people are upset because of the things that seem destined to mess up Deathly Hallows – like the lack of Horcrux info (how will Harry know what to find?) and the absence of Bill and Fleur (where will they meet Xeno?). But honestly, it’s not as if the filmmakers don’t have a plan for DH – for goodness’ sakes, there’s going to be TWO DH movies. Plenty of time to introduce those missing elements and even to show Dumbledore’s funeral. I’m happy. It was a seriously funny and well-made movie.

  7. Fantastic movie, though I was dissapointed that the spells were indescernable from eachother. Whatever you do, don’t waste money on the IMAX version. There’s only about 20 minutes of 3-D anyway. I was dissapointed to see that they took out Dumbledore’s funeral and Harry having the House Elves tail Malfoy. They could have stuck to the book a bit better. 6 out of 10.

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