Songs for Stories & Tidbits of Inspiration!

August 5, 2009 at 10:36 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

Have you ever heard a song that has the most irresistible lyrics? Lyrics that make you sigh when you hear them? I have, mostly when I’m looking for songs to go on a playlist, and I start procrastinating because a song gives me SNIs. For instance, I absolutely LOVE the lyrics of Monsoon by Tokio Hotel. Now, you may not be a heavy metal/rock fan, but some of the lyrics are brilliant. Another song I love is I’d Lie by Taylor Swift. There’s many more songs I love which are metal,  but for argument’s sake, we’ve got a bit of contrast.

In one song, Monsoon, the singer is talking about escaping .

Running through the monsoon,

Beyond the world,

Til the end of time,

Where the rain won’t hurt.


Think about it. You could write a story about that. Here it suggests someone running beyond the world. Rain doesn’t hurt/cause damage.

For I’d Lie, there’s Taylor saying about this boy who she likes, but lying about loving him.

Is this ringing anyone’s SNI bell? The thing that annoys me whenever I hear a great new song is that I always end up coming up with a plot based around that song. But then again, if you need inspiration, songs might be the place to go.

What I’m saying is this: need inspiration? Songs are excellent. Poems share similar Shiny-New-Idea-Syndrome abilities. Listen out and earwig accidentally listen (:P) for little interesting tidbits!

Another source I like (for setting) is The National Geographic website. Explore it. It has many beautiful things which are all natural. If there’s any better inspiration for setting than The National Geographic, then it deserves to be seen because it’s hard to beat! You can really lose yourself in the range of photos and articles.

For characters, there are many ways known among TWFT.

New Faces – search for people other than celebrities, like random people who are not famous but can act.

Elouai – To help you develop characters’ appearence in cartoon.

Morph thing – Blend pictures of celebrities together to form one person. This is useful if there’s two celebrities you can’t decide between for a certain character.

Need info? Wikipedia is a genius, although, may I add, not always 100% correct. Wikipedia is best for the bare bones, but your local library should have more than enough to keep you going.

Hope you found this post useful! If you have any ideas for plots based on songs you might want to share, please do!



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  1. the song i always listen to is When You Were Young by the Killers, especially at intense scenes. It really helps.

  2. You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift gave me two SNIs. Including one that I actually plan to write.

    I love that song…

    • ^ditto. for both.
      There’s a Japanese song called Koko by Ryuicchi Sakamoto that I play on the piano. It inspired Heartbeats. :)

  3. I concur. I find music to be a fabulous source of inspiration. The thing that makes me giggle is when I get inspired listening to a soundtrack, because I’m hearing something in the music different than what its creators did.

  4. Angels on the Moon by Thriving Ivory is the official theme song for CITY OF SHADOWS.

    And I LOVE New Faces. :D

  5. wow, i just found this blog and I am amazed. everyone is so inspriring here :D

    and the songs do help.

  6. I can’t write without music on.

    I tend to listen to the same songs over and over again though. Which means that when I hear one of those songs six months later I get smacked in the head by my old characters. Especially if I never finished the story. XD

  7. I’m not really sure if you’re still paying attention to the comments of this post, but what gives.

    For characters, I like browsing through

    It’s got an advanced search option, and you can pick the eye color and the hair color of the model and just browse through.

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