Smooch Your Way to Success

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A kiss starts a romantic relationship. A kiss seals your wedding vows. And now, a kiss tells you if your love is right for you. According to a science research, published in the scientific journal Evolutionary Psychology, ‘59 percent of men and 66 percent of women said they have been in the position of being attracted to someone until they kissed the person.’

A kiss can make or break the book. It can be the ultimate climax to a relationship, or the start of something new. So it is important that your book smooches its way to success. The pressure is on to get it right. Never fear my fellow twifties, here are a few helpful tips.

Everybody knows what goes into a kiss, so don’t spend too much time writing about the mechanics of kissing. Readers want to know how your MC is feeling. Too many writers forget a little thing called emotions. Nobody cares too much about what character A is doing to character B. We want to know how character A + B are feeling.

YouTube is your friend. There are hundreds of different videos dedicated to some of Hollywood’s most notorious kiss scenes. It is important you analyse these videos. You need to look for the chemistry, the heat between the characters. A few good examples are the Twilight kiss, the Notebook kiss and the Gone with the Wind kiss.

Read.Read.Read. As writers, I’m assuming you read. I’m also assuming you have copies of some of your favorite YA books. Again, you need to analyze how the writer sets the reader up for the kiss scene. Do you see the passion, the need, between the characters? If not, take it a step further. Rewrite that scene until you think do feel it’s a great kiss. Practice makes perfect.

Even though imitation is sincerest form of flattery, you need to make the kiss scene your own. You created these characters, so nobody knows them better than you. It’s important you incorporate the quirks, likes and dislikes of you characters into the scene. Is one more aggressive and takes charge? Is it an awkward first kiss, and your characters are still learning the ropes? These are the types of questions that should be running in your mind. Think of your characters and relate the kiss to their personality. If your MC is shy, then it is highly unlikely she/he will slam their love interest into a wall and have their way with them.

Go on, heat up the pages.

Just out of interest, what is your favorite kiss scene in any YA book?




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  1. Been waiting for this post for a week now… :D WARNING: There are Harry Potter, Realms of the Gods (Tamora Pierce), and Percy Jackson spoilers in this comment. Don’t like, don’t read.

    1. Harry and Ginny’s kiss in Half Blood Prince (the book was better than the movie)
    2. Hermione and Ron’s kiss in Deathly Hallows (I can’t wait to see that on the big screen!)
    3. Both of Numair and Daine’s kisses in Realms of the Gods.
    4. Annabeth and Percy’s kiss in Last of the Olympians. I thought they’d NEVER kiss! Seriously. Awesome.

  2. I am SO bad at kiss scenes. I avoid them like the plague! XD Thanks for the tips, GP! Great post! As for best kiss scenes…I don’t know. I can’t think of any at the moment. Hrmm. I’ll have to get back to you on that. =D

  3. Awesome post! I’m sort of dreading the kiss scene in my book… well, I wrote it already, but I need to rewrite it ’cause it sucks. haha. Like you said, buildup is KEY. It’s all about getting it to that point where the air is saturated with tension, with desire, with emotion… to that point where it’s teeter-tottering on the edge of an explosion and bam, the explosion is that kiss. Totally unexpected kisses are fun too – like in DH. :)

    Oh, and this goes against the desire thing (or does it? must. read. Catching Fire), but I loved Katniss and Peeta’s “fake” kiss in Hunger Games! That was so crazy and so fun to read.

  4. Thanks for the post. I’ve been dancing around kissing in my WIP. I have a feeling that my MC and her husband have to kiss at some point, but since it’s an arranged marriage, I’m not quite sure how I feel about the kissing and such. This post is certainly food for thought.

  5. Glad you liked the post guys!
    I actually don’t think I have a favorite! hehe
    I like them all! I just wrote an intense kiss scene, and I had a lot of fun writing it! lol

  6. Oh good post GP :) I think I might need a kiss scene but I’m dreading writing it…but this helped!
    Hmm. Favorite kiss…liked the one in the Hunger Games a lot.

    • I am glad it helped!
      Just give me a shout if you need any help, lol I love Kiss scenes ;)
      I am looking forward to reading the Hunger Games!!

  7. My kiss scenes are usually not so great. It’s pretty much, “and then they kissed. End scene.” It probably doesn’t help that I sort of skim over when I come across one in a book.

  8. My kiss scenes are usually not so great. It’s pretty much, “and then they kissed. End scene.” It probably doesn’t help that I sort of skim over when I come across one in a book.
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  9. My books tend to be full of kiss scenes. Haha. But we won’t go there for now.

    My favorite, though? Listed:
    1. Ron and Hermione in Deathly Hallows
    2. Ruby and Nate’s first kiss in the pool in Lock and Key
    3. Mary and Travis in The Forest of Hands and Teeth.

    All great.

    • I am only 1/3 into my book, and I already have three – intense- kisses lol!

  10. I love love love kiss scenes, writing them and reading them! My favorite kiss scenes in YA are Will and Kate in Elizabeth Scott’s “Perfect You” and the kiss scene between Anna and Matt in “Twenty Boy Summer.” Another good one is Terra and Jacob in “North of Beautiful.”

  11. I think pretty much every kiss in the Mortal Instruments series was awesome. Like, they weren’t just thrown in for the sake of randomness. They advanced the plot and they were incredibly hot at the same time. :D

  12. I love annabeth and Percy’s kiss in The Last Oylimpian!

  13. My favorite kissing scene was in Tiger’s Voyage by Colleen Houck when Kishan and Kelsey kiss on the boat. Too bad Ren interrupted them…

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