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I <3 freewrites. Seriously.  You should try them. My teacher would write a word on the board and have us do a five minute freewrite at the beginning of class every day. What did I get from that? Well…

1. I wrote some horrible stories, but I learned from my mistakes.

2. I got a few really good stories. I have some that I really love that I’m polishing up for my portfolio when I apply for 9th grade.

3. I got an idea for a novel which I’m currently toying with.

4. It helps you unleash your creativity, so they can help you when you’re having writer’s block.

5. You can write something when you’re dying to write but can’t thing of anything to write about.


6. They’re fun!

Really, all you need is a pencil and some paper. Set a time, pick a random word from the dictionary, and start writing. Don’t take your pen off the paper. Never. I don’t care if you can’t think of anything to write. Don’t THINK! Just write. If you’re stuck, just write something random. Write about how bored you are. The colors of the rainbow. Whatever. Just keep on writing until you’re not stuck anymore.  And don’t stop until your time’s over, and if you’re on a roll, keep writing!

So yeah. So if you’re bored, just do a freewrite.  On the plane, during history (because we all hate that), at work…  Okay, probably not at work.  But you get it.

So yeah.


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  1. Ooo, I might have to try that. =D *glares at writer’s block* Great post, Phantom!

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