I’m just going to check my emails/facebook/blogs/TWFT…

September 13, 2009 at 12:26 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

The internet – is it an invaluable tool, or your worst enemy when it comes to fighting procrastination?

Personally, I’m on the internet far too much. Let’s just check my emails; what’s going on Facebook?; who’s posted on the twiftie thread?; I wonder if anyone’s critted my excerpt on SYW (share your work); ooh, who’s written a new blog post. And after all that, I wonder if anyone’s emailed me in the time it’s taken to check, read and reply to all the other internet sites I’ve been on.

So, that whole cycle tends to get repeated regularly – and that doesn’t include me using the internet for important stuff, like homework, university research or book research. Oh, and buying books on Amazon, of course.

I love the internet, and I honestly can’t see how I’d live without it. But when it comes to writing, sometimes it takes up too much of my time – like blogging, for instance. The perfect procrastination. And it’s amazing how much time you can spend on the twiftie thread on Absolute Write before checking the clock and realising just how little writing you’ve done. My latest answer? When I really, really need to write (and I can’t handwrite – my writing’s so messy, I have to type!) I switch off the wireless internet and stop myself from just checking so-and-so.

So, do you use the internet sparingly and productively? Or is it a love-hate relationship – can live with it, can’t live without it?

~ Becky


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  1. I can’t seem to write without the internet, i’m constantly searching for songs and character and chatting while writing, the world is just to quiet without it, but i do get sidetracked by all the social networking sites

  2. I’m in the can’t live with it, can’t live without it school. Sadly.
    During the year, I like to set myself rules, like only checking facebook twice a day, or only checking my blogs once. I find that rules like these keep me from my obsessive following of things. Most of the time.

  3. Ugh. That’s me. I always vow to myself that I’ll only be *just a minute*…and then three hours have passed and I have a test to study for and homework to do and I think I ditched my friends again and whoa, I was supposed to write today, wasn’t I?

    That is how it happens.

    Le sigh.

    I love the internet, I do–but I hate it so much. =/

  4. Haha. I too have a massively love-hate relationship.

    I can’t write without being inspired by writerly internet things… but writerly internet things usually stop me from writing.

    Sometimes I wish there was no internet at all. Life would be SO much simpler and more enjoyable. But at the same time, it would suck majorly. Aaahhh!

  5. I usually manage to multitask somewhat successfully. Or so I tell myself. ;)
    It does cut into my writing time, but now that I’ve become addicted to blogs, and Facebook, and, of course, AW, I get very antsy when I can’t access these things – so antsy that I sometimes can’t write.
    That can’t be a good thing…XD

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