NaNoWriMo: Peer Pressure

November 8, 2009 at 5:27 PM | Posted in Writing | 7 Comments

I hope you’re not getting bored of National Novel Writing Month, because we are only one week down!

So, we’re a week in. How are all the twifties doing? Well, I’m going to be doing a weekly report, to give a little indication for anyone not doing NaNo as to how we’re all doing! I’ll be doing these on a Tuesday from now on, so if you’re a twiftie who wants to have their wordcount up here, PM/email me on Tuesday!

Right, onto a quick round up of NaNo for me so far – the importance of NaNo as a social experience. My writing, before I met the twifties, was quite solitary: a friend knew and occasionally read snippets, but my writing wasn’t something I talked about. Now that I have so many people to talk about writing with, I’m updating facebook with word counts, character developments and shocking plot twists. Hell, I’m sharing the links to me blogging about writing!

This is my first NaNo, and I’m definitely doing better because I have people behind me. Not only are the twifties there to discuss writing with, I have met a group of wonderful people who write, and are doing NaNo, locally – and they’re really helping me to stay motivated. Through MSN and weekly meet-ups and write-ins, my word count is soaring every day. If you can, I would really recommend getting some support through this insanity.

So, onto the report! I only have four twifties’ word counts. If you’re a twiftie and you want to be on here, let me know and I’ll edit – and if you’re not, feel free to let us all know how you’re doing in the comments section! Let’s all support each other.

Parametric: 25,000 (Ok, I have to say wow. I am bowing down in awe.)

Amna – AKA Geek Pride: 11,000

Becky – that’d be me! – AKA NKD: 15,057

As you can see, I need some more stats!

How are you doing in week one of the insanity that is NaNoWriMo?

— BeckyWannaCuppaTeani.



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  1. I’m doing NaNoReWriMo :) Which I’ve finished about 6,000 words for since November 1. But don’t count that~ haha

  2. My 25k has been added to an already-written 35k, with the aid of a detailed outline – there are benefits to being a Nano rebel! But yeah, I’m just writing super fast right now. I’m lucky to have practically no lectures, a good outline and a determination not to let my average daily wordcount (about 3400) slip!

  3. I’m failing. Only 6k. :(

  4. hey i’m doing nanowrimo too. i’ve got 17k words so far. be my buddy:

    Keep up the good work, everyone!! :)

  5. I wasn’t going to do it. Then I was. Now I’m at 5.6K and am about to enter a really busy week, so I might as well not be doing it at all. Oh, to heck with it, I’m writing, and that’s great, even if I don’t break 50k in a month.

  6. I’m failing, too. I’m at 4225. I hand write though, and don’t really know how many double-spaced handwritten pages add up to typed double-spaced pages. Right now, I’m just trying to write everyday and trying not to get discouraged.

  7. I’m also an unwitting participant of NaNo. I was so behind, I decided to sit down and chug out 10,000 words in one day.

    So far, I’ve written 20 words.

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